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Technax is a SME located in Saint-Priest (Lyon, France). The company specializes in the conception and manufacturing of manual, half automatic and fully automatic assembling machines and lines, mainly in resistance welding, resistance brazing, induction brazing and laser welding. The company currently employs 30 people, divided in management, technical department, sales and administrative departments, research & development department and workshop. Technax is a leading manufacturer of assembling and joining machines for the automotive industry, electro-technical, nuclear and household appliances industries. It supplies machines to big companies like VALEO, BOSCH, ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, and AREVA, etc. in France and worldwide. Technax already participated in the past in different European Research Projects. The most important one was XPRESS (IP 026674-2XPRESS) under the FP6 programme which started in January 2007 and ended in June 2011.

Technax's role and contribution to I-RAMP³

Within the I-RAMP³ project Technax acts as a system integrator. Technax should demonstrate one scenario focusing on the extension and re-configuration of existing production systems during their life-time. It will further provide and enhance a demonstrator prototype for the assembly of electrical components in the area of E-vehicles.



Didier  Faure
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Mobile : +33 6 07 23 79 89