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University of Applied Science Karlsruhe

Recent national rankings have confirmed that University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe (HS-KA) is one of Germany's top universities of applied sciences. In the area of Computer Science, Business Information Systems, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering HS-KA was placed in the top group amongst German universities of applied sciences with regard to pastoral care, overall study conditions and research funds. In the area of Media and Communication Studies the University can be found among the five top universities of applied sciences for its degree in Technical Communication. HS-KA currently has about 5.800 students and 175 professors. The Institute of Applied Research (IAF) is a central facility of the Hochschule Karlsruhe (University of Applied Science) and works to promote applied research and development projects. The IAF was founded in 1987.As the center of the academic network of the Hochschule, the IAF has the know-how to solve current problems in business and industry. In order to develop innovative techniques and processes for industry, the IAF draws on the knowledge and resources of the numerous departments in the form of interdisciplinary projects and research groups. The main research activities of the IAF comprise solutions within the field of applied computer sciences and geoinformatics, intelligent measurement systems and sensor technologies and civil, environmental and process engineering. The Intelligent Systems Research Group has currently two professors, two post-docs, three researchers and two PhD students.

University of Applied Science Karlsruhe – role and contribution to the project

The University of Applied Science Karlsruhe will be mainly involved in the development of a Device Integration Language as well as in the development of the language and middleware for the sensors and actuators. Further it will be responsible for process chain configuration and model optimization.


University of Applied Science Karlsruhe

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