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IEF Werner GmbH

IEF Werner was founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of components for automation and motion control. It has a capital of 1.5 million euro and has 120 employees in 4 locations. It is well known as a leading specialist of transport and positioning systems, controls and pallet systems, worldwide. The wide range of components for all automation and handling applications e.g. manual precision slide units; handling components; positioning units with direct, spindle or toothed belt drive; rotary tables ensures a save and flexible assembly of production lines. These components are used in most innovative types of machines like Test Handling Systems, total process systems, palletizers, high speed handling units, and wheel gauging machines, according to latest quality standards. IEF Werner has also a lot of experience and was involved in several national and European projects in the last years which ensure a very good knowledge in project handling and partner relationship.

IEF Werner's role and contribution to I-RAMP³

IEF Werner will mainly act as a technology provider for automation components as a basis of the respective NETDEVs. In addition, IEF Werner will also contribute to the demonstration scenarios by setting up a NETDEV based automation component which is integrated into a joining application.


IEF Werner GmbH

Ulrich Moser
Tel: +49 - 7723 - 925 154
E-Mail: Ulrich.Moser[a]