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Harms&Wende GmbH & Co. KG

The coordinator, Harms&Wende, is a medium-sized producer of control systems in the welding sector. As specialists in resistance welding Harms&Wende have been offering controls and monitoring systems for all process variants for more than 60 years. With control systems for spot, projection, butt, flash butt, mesh and seam welding, our portfolio offers the right system for any application. State-of-the-art control technology based on 50Hz, medium frequency and high-frequency inverters forms the basis for high performance welding systems. The spectrum ranges from single station applications to fully integrated lines and the scope of supply. Harms&Wende is one of the most important suppliers for automotive manufacturers and the tier industry in Europa. Harms&Wende has a market share in the field of control system for resistance spot welding of 50 % in Germany and 15 % in Europe. Harms&Wende also supplies customers directly via a network of suppliers e.g. in the areas household appliances, constructional steel. The customers are often manufacturers of welding machines whom employ Harms&Wende welding control systems.

Harms&Wende has great experience in European research projects. Harms&Wende coordinated several projects where themost important is the integrated project XPRESS (IP 026674-2XPRESS) with 17 partners coming from 9 European countries. Besides the coordination, Harms &Wende is also well known as a technology provider for high-tech solutions within collaborative research.

Harms&Wende's role and contribution to I-RAMP³

Harms&Wende acts as the overall project coordinator of I-RAMP³. In this role Harms&Wende is responsible to guarantee a smooth collaboration within the I-RAMP³ consortium and acts as the project's representative to the European Commission. Furthermore, Harms&Wende also acts as a technology provider for welding equipment. This aims at the development of the next generation of welding control units based on NETDEV technology. This will give Harms&Wende the opportunity to integrate its deep process knowhow on welding processes into their devices. Based on this, Harms&Wende envisages the development of new business models for providing services on welding device condition monitoring and maintenance planning.


Harms&Wende GmbH & Co. KG.

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