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GAMAX has been founded in 1990 by a group of software developers. GAMAX is a software development company, with three major activities: manpower-leasing; software localization, translation and related software engineering tasks; and project realization. Thanks to the highly qualified experts, GAMAX has taken part in several large-scale custom software development projects in the past few years. The company undertakes development on embedded systems, personal computer, mini computer and mainframe environments, in most known programming languages and environments. Within the last years GAMAX became more international. Gamax's specialists for software design and implementation have collected knowledge about agent technology within many projects in the area of manufacturing. The company is currently taking part in the ongoing FP7projects COPERNICO and TRANSPARENCY. EU-projects:

• XPRESS - Flexible Production Experts for reconfigurable assembly technology (FP6 EU Project 2007-2011)

• COPERNICO – Cooperation Environment For Rapid Design, Prototyping and New Integration Concepts for Factory of the Future (FP7 NMP EU Project 2010-2014)

• TRANSPARENCY – (Adaptive Business Collaboration by progressive knowledge sharing and engineering) (FP7 NMP EU Project 2010-2013)

GAMAX's role and contribution to I-RAMP³

GAMAX's role within the project is to design and to develop the several software components needed for the I-RAMP³ approach. This includes the framework for inter-process communication and model exchange, HMIs for data presentation as well as contributions to the cognitive workflows.



Gabor Horvath
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