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AWL-Techniek B.V.

The AWL-Techniek is a SME which employs around 230 persons. The company is based in the Netherlands, Czech Republic and China. The company designs and builds state-of-the-art welding machines for various markets. AWL cares about innovative and functional solutions tailored to customers' requirements. Their core competence is performance management, quality control and reliability. It has acquired a lot of experience in designing and building installations used for producing parts of car bodies (such as bumpers, bumper supports, columns/pillars, fire walls, tunnels, wheel casings and roofs) and seating systems (among others, complete front and rear seats), head rests and front-seat under frames. This also applies to developing machines for making fuel tanks, gearshift sticks, doors, exhausts and airbag retainers. AWL applies a variety of control units for joining processes, such as spot welding, projection welding, laser welding, MIG welding, self-pierced riveting and gluing. For that reason, AWL is also in charge of supervising the Dialogue developments in terms of their applicability in various technologies.

AWL role and contribution to I-RAMP³

AWL-Techniek feeds the I-RAMP³ project and his partners from the industrial requirements in relation to the zero defect manufacturing. Further AWL can advise with his wide experience in machine building and automated production platforms by the implementation of local optimization within the process.


AWL-Techniek B.V.

Eisse Jan Drewes
Tel: +31 341 411811