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INOS HELLAS SA – partner description
Inos was founded in 1997 in Stuttgart, Germany with the mission to provide innovative solutions in the area of cognitive industrial automation. The two main business areas of Inos cover the development of sensor based robot systems for production applications and vision based quality assurance. Inos S.A. in Greece is a subsidiary from Inos GmbH, employing a staff of 35 engineers and scientists. Inos S.A. is developing software and hardware for sensor systems enabling innovative automation applications in automotive and intra logistic markets. Based on customer demands, Inos has developed its general system architecture for sensor equipped robot systems, the Inos SIR – System (Sensitive Industrial Robot - SIR™). The inos iMS - measuring system (inline Measurement System) complements this system with a quantitative perception of the technical process, both with and without a robot. The Inos framework support fast adaptations of various production applications and quality measuring cells according to the end user´s requirements. Inos S.A. is collaborating with a broad network of business partners, part of them being small, high-tech companies with leading-edge technology and part of them being established companies operating in a worldwide level.

INOS Hellas SA- role and contribution to I-RAMP³

INOS Hellas will be strongly involved in the following activities of the I-RAMP³ project:

  • Definition of a smart sensor interface for robot based metrology using IRAMP³  technology
  • Specification of a portable measurement sensor head
  • Specification of a CAD based, context aware configurator for measurement applications
  • Development of a portable measurement head for robots
  • Validation and demonstration of the Metrology Robot System in a pilot measurement application to measure car body features in production or quality assurance
  • Definition & support of a framework for sensors and actuators middleware


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