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Related projects

ReBorn aims at demonstrating strategies and technologies that support a new paradigm for the re-use of production equipment in factories, which will give new life to decommissioned production systems or equipment in order to make their “reborn” into new production lines possible. Such new strategies will contribute to sustainable, resource-friendly and greener manufacturing and deliver at the same time economic and competitive advantages for the manufacturing sector. ReBorn is a demonstration oriented project and aims at delivering industrial environment proven prototypes.

Both projects, PRIME and SkillPro, are funded under the same call as I-RAMP³ and are part of the “Factories of the Future” (FoF) program. Consequently, the 3 projects are thematically related and, hence, have started to communicate on possible common cross-links in future to exploit potential synergies.

PRIME focusses of the PRIME concept is on a multi-agent control system and on information rich development tools for manufacturing systems.

SkillPro focus is on combining Asset Management Systems (AMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Production Components/Controllers via Skill-Descriptions and Skillbased Execution concepts.

INTEFIX aims to increase the performance of the machining processes by the use of intelligent fixture systems, allowing the monitoring, control and adaptation of the process to obtain suitable results according to precision, quality and cost requirements. This project is funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme through the “Challenge 7 ICT for the enterprise and manufacturing” and “Objective 7.2: Equipment assessment for sensor and laser based applications” of the call FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF. INTEFIX is also integrated in the I4MS initiative.


Recently terminated projects