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WP6: Manufacturing execution system enhancement for fast ramp-up and flexible production

General summary and objectives of the work package

This work package will realize the embedding of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in the I-RAMP³ approach. This will be done by the implementation of intelligent software components for gathering and analysis of production data for the NETDEVs, by the implementation of a rule-based expert system for workflows as well as by interfacing existing commercial MES.
In I-RAMP³ a new integrating approach for collection, matching, weighting and combination of the different “ingredients for knowledge creation” shall provide a new quality in flexibility and an increase of efficiency. An approach will be developed that allows for collecting the different resources of knowledge in a highly flexible manner as well as to assess and validate knowledge, and subsequently draw conclusions on possible required reactions on it. Such reactions might be re-organization of production flow, introduction of new devices/NETDEVs, maintaining of equipment, etc.
From the technological point of view this work package is dedicated to the development of building blocks and the set-up of an integrated intelligent manufacturing support system.

The objectives for this work package are:

  • To develop an integrated, modular and adaptive approach allowing a flexible customization of the intelligent workflow system
  • To develop/ adapt the key components of the workflow system (Process Analyzer,  Workflow Optimizer)

Partners involved in this work package

Partner Critical Manufacturing will lead this work package with the support of Harms&Wende, AWL, Fraunhofer IPA, GAMAX, Technax, University of Applied Science Karlsruhe, and Faculty of Engineering at Porto University.

State of affairs/results

Recent developments and results will be presented here soon.