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WP4: Plug&Produce devices for fast ramp-up and flexible production

General summary and objectives of the work package

The objective of this work package is to develop a Plug&Produce device based on I-RAMP³ technology.
To do so, a model of the NETDEVs and its components will be developed and validated against the overall requirements gathered in WP 1. At the end of the first step, a template for a NETDEV will be available. After that, a NETDEV based on a Harms&Wende welding device and a NETDEV based on IEF automation component will be developed. Thus, this work package aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Development of an architecture framework  for NETDEVs
  • Development of semantic models for NETDEVs
  • Development of a template for NETDEVs
  • Development of a specific NETDEV for welding processes

n order to focus the development activities, a first prototype of a NETDEV is planned to be demonstrated at the midterm meeting. The prototype will consist of a (conventional) hardware which is extended by software components based on I-RAMP3 technology. Mock-up’s of real-time hardware will be used (if applicable and required). To do so, a specification of the prototype will be developed in an early stage of the project. The final integration of the developments for the first prototype will be done in an “Integration Session” jointly with the developers of related WPs.

Partners involved in this work package

Partner Harms&Wende will lead this work package with the support of AWL, Fraunhofer IPA, GAMAX, Technax, University of Applied Science Karlsruhe, Faculty of Engineering at Porto University, and IEF Werner. .

State of affairs/results
Recent developments and results will be presented here soon.