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WP2: Standardization, Knowledge Management, Exploitation, Dissemination

General summary and objectives of the work package

This work package is dedicated to the dissemination and exploitation of project results on the basis of an active handling of intellectual property (IP) issues and targeted training as well as standardization activities. The main objectives of the exploitation and dissemination activities are:

  • To disseminate I-RAMP³'s aims, evolution and results through printed (brochures, booklets, etc.) and electronic (website, quarterly electronic newsletter) sources.
  • To raise interest in the I-RAMP³ concept from potential customers in Europe and beyond.
  • To disseminate the scientific knowledge and project results in order to achieve a broad  pan-European impact
  • To strengthen the partners’ reputation in their research community  or market  on regional,  national and international level
  • To increase the partners’ awareness on the exploitation potential  of the developments and results and to support them in developing exploitation strategies for their results
  • To create the first step-stones for marketing activities necessary for the exploitation of the project’s results
  • To achieve an early up-take of the project results in the scientific and industrial communities.

Furthermore, this work package will provide an active management of intellectual property (IP) as a basis for mutual trust within the consortium in order to perform any exploitation and dissemination activities. The objectives are:

  • To manage the access to partner’s background IP necessary for the project
  • To manage and protect  the consortium’s foreground IP
  • To avoid patent, trademark or any IPR infringement
  • To assure a successful technology and knowledge transfer between the academic partners and the SMEs.


Partners involved in this work package
SEZ leads this work package with the support of all project partners.

State of affairs/results
I-RAMP³ went public and is accessible for interested audience via this website. The I-RAMP³ logo as well as respectively stylized presentations and templates were designed as promotional material.
An I-RAMP³ brochure in English (including translations in Hungarian, German, French, Greek, and Portuguese) are available for download on this website.

The first project newsletter was released and is available for download on this website.