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WP1: Industrial requirements and use cases for fast ramp-up and flexible production

General summary and objectives of the work package

This work package will establish but also continuously support the I-RAMP³ developments by providing a solid base of industrial motivation and business regulation of the invented I-RAMP³ methodologies and instruments. It therefore fulfills the objectives of:

  • Taking up requirements and constraints from industrial partners and an external Industrial Advisory group
  • Stabilizing the concepts for a requirement-driven, quality goal oriented technology development into a well-defined,  usable architecture
  • Fostering a constant exchange of ideas and best practices between the partners
  • Developing best possible implementation concepts for: (i) plug&produce devices, (ii) advanced communication schemes, (iii) grid of sensors, (iv) configuration & optimization, (v) manufacturing systems interfacing
  • Leveraging I-RAMP³ scientific/technological objectives by creating common sense and joint understanding of approaches and methodologies
  • Developing implementation policies for transferring the best-practices to other fields of application.

Partners involved in this work package
Fraunhofer IPA leads this work package, while all partners will contribute to its implementation.

State of affairs/results
Recent developments and results will be presented here soon.