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WP5: Plug&Produce sensors for fast ramp-up and flexible production

General summary and objectives of the work package

This work package will realize a Sensor & Actuator Abstraction Middleware (SAAM) which is complementing and extending existing factory automation solutions and concepts in the industries. Having the SAAM, sensors and actuators can be integrated in the I-RAMP³ approach for factory automation as the SAAM implements the same inter-face as the NETDEVs do.
In addition to that, a Sensor & Actuator Abstraction Language will be developed to connect such sensor and sensor grids to the SAAM allowing for more sophisticated interface implementation as low-level sensors and actuators do.
The WP5 will take up the gathering of industrial requirements and overall architecture and data model definitions (WP1) and the initial definitions of the communication approach (WP3). It will realize new IT systems, which will be compatible with existing installations in the factory.
The main objectives are:

Define data formats for dense integration of complex sensing systems

  • Develop the sensor and actuator abstraction middleware (SAAM)
  • Define and develop a hardware and software platform for the autonomous sensors
  • Integrate the results in the application scenarios

Partners involved in this work package

Partner Faculty of Engineering at Porto University will lead this work package with the support of AWL, GAMAX, Technax, University of Applied Science Karlsruhe, IEF Werner, INOS, and Freedom Grow.

State of affairs/results
Recent developments and results will be presented here soon.